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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Little Helper Can Offer Big Help When Running A Thread Through The Needle

When I was a kid, I always tend not to come in front of my grandmother or used to run away as soon as I saw her coming to me with a needle and a spool of thread. The scenario hasn’t been changed a lot as of now and I can tell that without any doubt since after 25 years, I am noticing the same intention into my child.

Not only the elderly people, the number of people would be very much negligible who haven’t tried to run the thread through a needle at least once in their entire life and the fact is, almost all of them have faced the same difficulties even those with good eyesight. Little Helper would be an ideal solution for this issue that incorporates a magnifying glass with a plastic framed ring that remains just in front of the needle and thread with the support of a truncated cone to give an enhanced view. This innovative concept can make the process easier than ever for all range of users with great functionality which actually won’t be just a “Little Help” for sure.


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