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Friday, March 11, 2011

Link Urban Modular Scooter System for Better Environment

Link urban scooter system is a modular transportation solution that you can retrofit with the present Streetscape Smart Poles. Anton Grimes has designed this superb concept electronic scooter and will be available for hire from a hub to ride to the preferred destination. After reaching there, users have to return it to another hub for recharging. Grimes have used the existing light poles to reduce the expenses of the unit and offers strong anchors that are able to carry both power and telecommunications to the hub. The main goal of the design is to reduce cars in the CBD as per Sydney 2030 plan and make a more pedestrian city.
Anton says :
“With increasing demand on an already over-stretched transport infrastructure it makes sense to shift the way that we move, by taking up less space per individual while in transit. The energy required to move the individual is also greatly reduced by reducing the size and weight of the vehicle.

The device also removes direct emissions away from the city and with the addition of environmentally sustainable power generation off-site, the device has the potential to have no net emissions.”


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