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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kinetia LMX Racing Car Features Gull Wing Doors and Curvaceous Body

As a result of a challenge taken against a senior who argued that a curved car cannot be made in solid works, the Kinetia LMX has been designed. The designer, who was very much inspired by the photos of Le-Mans race, made up his mind to design a slightly curvaceous car by implementing ideas from Peugeot 908 and few other cars. He implemented the ideas gained from observing various other models and mixed them to his convenience so that the model would still be utilizable on the road. The designer created this car keeping tracks in mind. Most components have been designed in such a way to provide down force, lessen air pressure from building underneath and to feed the car as sleek as possible. The gull wing doors, LED running lights on to the front are some of the stylistic features that make the car a winning model. Ribs leading from the front fenders up to the main body shell enhance both the aesthetics of the vehicle and the structural firmness of the vehicle.


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