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Sunday, March 20, 2011

(HUD) projected on the windscreen. While at the same time, it can be retrofitted into an existing automobile without the need for hardwiring or perman

The car industry realized that they need to pay more attention to the serious demand of green vehicles. And in 2008, I’m pretty sure that we’ll see plenty of new concepts and vehicles that will change the way we move around.

Loremo LS is based on the concept that by reducing weight, one can increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Safety is not a problem, the company is confident that the steel cell construction method provides the vehicle with a solid rigidity and enough of a deformation area for it to be safe to drive around the city. The design of the Loremo impresses. It has a very unique body shape, giving it clear individuality. Furthermore, rather than having two side doors for the drivers to enter the vehicle, there is a front wing door which swings upwards and to the front, allowing access to the vehicle.

A large contributor to fuel inefficiency is the sheer weight of a vehicle. Loremo AG, a German car corporation, has used this as the inspiration for the Loremo LS, a sporty, low-weight, low-resistance vehicle that according to the company will boast the lowest emissions for any vehicle ever.


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