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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Green Eye Candy and Orange Tequila Sunrise Bicycles

With the sunrise orange color and the perfect white shades, the Tequila sunrise bicycle is really offering an ideal visual according to its name. Even you can compare the body of this bicycle, made of laid fiberglass over steel frame, with a rising sun. During giving the final shape, fabrication of the bicycle’s body has not been done with molds; rather the designer chose to put fiberglass over the top expanding foam. This bike may not seem quite ridable at the very first look but the designer has worked hard to make things easier. The curved handle allows the rider to maintain a comfy sitting even though the distance of the seat from the front wheel is considerably longer.

Eye Candy is a green bicycle with an innovative design and all steel body, ideal for all range of riders. The bicycle was designed to keep a lightweight bike concept in mind and therefore, it doesn’t include any unnecessary body parts. This candy green painted bicycle includes completely functional tail lights in the back pods which maybe the most uncommon feature of a bicycle. Besides, it has grilles and hand made backrest to ensure the riders comfort and fork support in the wheels to offer better durability.


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