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Friday, March 11, 2011

GloBike System : Social Bike Sharing System

The GloBike system concept allows the user to share the bike and their experience with all other members of its internet community. The motto was to promote the cultural exchange and friendship between people from different communities through its online portal and use the bicycle as one of the best green transportation solutions. These bikes can send their exact location to the Globike portal which can be accessed by other users through their Globike device and call the nearest bike for their use. There are two parts of the system to manage navigation, sharing and communication between users. They are the hardware part, a device with a NFC chip that is permanently installed on the bike and the software part is the web portal itself. Globike is an updated version of Freecycle, designed by Cristiano Giuggioli, Stefano Marchetto, Massimo Brugnera and Alessandro Brunello.


Mens24 said...

WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share.. ..


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