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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Futuristic Nissan V2G Concept Vehicle with V2G Electric Engine

The Nissan V2G concept vehicle has been designed to adopt with the electrified and ultra-efficient network of the nation’s highways called the ‘GRID’ for the year 2030. This car comprises a dynamic, low cost and quality construction V2G electric engine that is being expected to be the best selling vehicle of that time. The creative young minds of LA’s legendary automotive culture are highly potential considering its simple and user-friendly EV architecture. The organic shape along with great functionality is the key features that will keep the vehicle user segment intact.
Text from the website:
In the spirit of LA’s legendary automotive counter-culture, creative young minds see untapped potential in the V2G. Taking advantage of the simple and user friendly EV architecture, they quickly hack the V2G, take it ‘OFF-GRID’ and begin to explore the virtually endless opportunities of this newly created vehicle segment. The V2G is born.


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