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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Futuristic Mini Rocketman Features Split Tailgate and Widespread Doors

BMW MINI has designed a new vehicle, measuring just 11 feet in length. Considered to be the smallest vehicle designed by the reputed company, the new ‘Mini Rocketman’ concept has been showcased at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. The three-door vehicle boasts 3 seats, with an optional door to add to the rear. The flexible truck capacity splits the car rear door into 2 parts: a top segment connected to the roof that can be raised upwards, a lower component that extends outwards, just like a drawer. The car’s gates are double-hinged and slides forward and out, to provide effortless entry and exit in close quarters.
The attractive element of the car appears to be the split tailgate and widespread doors that maximizes the space available. The Rocketman has been graced with leather interior together with wrap-around light strip. Another characteristic feature of the Rocketman is the center control as well as dashboard, featuring 3D graphic capabilities that allow relevant information to be delivered in the foreground, while the least important data remains accessible without distracting. In order to retain the familiar shape of earlier models, Rocketman has been designed in such a way to feature large headlights, trapezoidal rear lights as well as chrome grille trim. Three light modes are available to light up the LED trim and other details of the color in various colors and modes. This aesthetically appealing model would certainly hit the stores when it comes to light.


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