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Friday, March 25, 2011

Firefly Gives Unique and Stylish Dining Experience with Innovative Solar Charging Ability

The Firefly concept table is inspired to give ultimate usability at cafes, restaurants and even homes with an inbuilt lamp, eliminating the need of candles, which charges with the sunlight during daytime and aids to save a lot of electricity, while giving an uncommon dining environment to the users. The lamp is placed inside the middle radius of the table during daytime and when night comes, the lamp pops out with a simple press on the top and begins to glow the entire table top. The lamp bottom is placed above the pattern of the restaurant, ensuring easy and effective projecting of the cafĂ©’s logo or text onto the foot of the table. A simple dinner can become more alluring and enjoyable with the great aesthetics and functionalities of this innovative concept.


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