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Friday, March 4, 2011

Fascinating Figure Mobile Phone Concept

The inspiration of this mobile phone is based on the beauty of reflections on a lake. Using large, transparent display screen as the manifestation of its conceptual inspiration – the beauty and tranquility of reflections on the surface of a lake. When this phone in the off mode, you can see the screen looks like a still water surface. During operation, flowing music, film images, pictures, web pages, articles, and user interfaces appear on the display, reminiscent of the reflections on the water?s surface. As users indulge in the visual experience provided by the large screen, they are reacquainted with the beauty of the lake?s reflections.

Fascinating Figure cell phone can be operated horizontally, diagonally and even vertically. Its interface can also be transformed to give it a curved appearance. The adaptable screen interface is able to adapt to meet various picture display requirements and circumstances, which gives greater user satisfaction. In addition, the screen can be personalized with the background image settings. The user is able to select images according to their moods and preferences, giving a stylish dimension to suit the user?s lifestyle.


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