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Sunday, March 6, 2011

DuoFertiliy System : Pregnant In 12 Months or Your Money Back!

“Pregnant in 12 months or your money back!”. That’s pretty bold statement to make because if this device is really that good, then it’s a good news for all women who are desperate to have a baby. DuoFertiliy system has been developed by former students of Cambridge University, it works by measuring body temperature to identify when a woman is most fertile. The DuoFertility Sensor is worn like a patch, taking up to 20,000 body clock readings every single day. One touch on the hand-held Duofertility Reader transfers all that data in seconds to give a clear visual read out of your fertile days for a full week ahead with no mess and no messing around. Are you ready to get pregnant fast?

Text from the website :

DuoFertility is much more than the most advanced, accurate and convenient fertility monitor on the market. It brings you personal, one to one support with PhD-qualified fertility experts for up to an entire year. When we say DuoFertility provides all the help and support you need to get pregnant naturally – we mean exactly that. The very highest levels of expert support, day after day – for up to one year on your pathway to pregnancy.

Just knowing you have this expertise on hand can be very reassuring. The support is interactive and personalised – so DuoFertility is entirely in-tune with your needs and your body clock. You’ll even get a comprehensive fertility report after four months, giving you clear and comprehensive insights into your cycle.


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