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Sunday, March 20, 2011

City[Zen] Multifunctional Urban Vehicle Concept

The cities are getting overpopulated, which mean the problem of parking is getting worst. City[zen] vehicle concept is trying to help solving that problem plus the combination of comfortable driving in different styles. City[zen] can adapt to various drive conditions because it has en engine-body transformation system. The car?s transformation system is based on mechanical parts without any robotic systems. City[zen] can change its body position according to speed and the situation on the road.There are three basic modes: highway mode, city mode and parking mode. Highway mode has a long wheel base, good aerodynamics and a lower focal point. City mode has a short wheel base, a high point of view, and higher sitting for the driver. Parking mode allows the vehicle to occupy very small parking spaces thanks to the more vertical configuration of the car?s body. The position of the driver?s seat is dynamic. It changes in sequence with the car?s body position.


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