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Friday, March 4, 2011

Chiseled Faucet and U-Turn Faucet from Sofian Tallal

The Chiseled Faucet, one of a kind faucet, it will be a very excellent design in your bathroom or faucet, the concept is like that of a molded piece of chrome. It’s wide based, rear mounted as well as extended neck handle is providing a very efficient profile that reinforce stealth sharp edge as well as flat feature. This chiseled faucet had been created for a desirable usage of ergonomics and to fit the standard of sinks, with its components like filters, connectors, cartridge). There can also be optional finishing touches like the polishing of the brushed nickel or chrome.

The “U-Turn” concept is a high-end bathroom & kitchen faucet range designed around its users needs; incorporating bathroom items or providing additional features for personal objects. The bathroom sink model provides a recess to safely place rings while washing hands. Also, the multi-purpose “U-turn” features a precast opening to place toothbrushes or other accessories like a customized liquid-soap dispenser.

The larger kitchen model includes an easy-access removable soap/sponge dish mounted on a rotating spout. The “U-turn” tip provides grooves to hang gloves, a watch or other personal accessories.


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