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Saturday, March 12, 2011

CarGo Vehicle One Seater Car Concept for Inner City Deliveries

CarGo is a unique concept vehicle with variable wheelbase, track and load carrying designs aiming to overcome the increasing urban traffic congestion problem which affects numerous delivery companies everyday. Primarily, the battery powered CarGo is designed in a compact mode for inner city deliveries which allows the driver to adapt the vehicle quickly to suit both busy traffic conditions and load volume/type. This one seater concept car has three standard configurations, compact mode for busy city use, constricted mode with banking corner action and pick-up mode for carrying larger volume supplies in more efficient way.
From Adam :
Urban traffic congestion is an increasing problem which affects countless delivery companies every day. The unique “CarGo” concept addresses this issue with its variable track, wheelbase and load carrying configurations.

Due to its inherent flexibility, the CarGo would be an invaluable addition to any urban delivery company’s fleet by offering:
- Enhanced versatility for use in congested areas due to variable mode options.
- Faster delivery time in heavy traffic as narrow mode gives reduced width and higher maneuverability.
- Easier parking due to compact size.
- Eco-friendly status as a zero-emission electric vehicle.
- Reduced running costs i.e. lower fuel and road tax costs, congestion charge exempt.
- Clip-On composite body panels allow for corporate branding and low repair costs.


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