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Saturday, March 19, 2011

BMW M1 Homage Car Concept Revealed !

The new BMW M1 car is very similar to the BMW range. The sporty look of the car is described by slatted alloy wheels; twin BMW badges on the top of the taillights a louvered bonnet and a rear mirror. This car is designed for all those who want to make a mark in the society and want to be on the fingers of the people around them. This car looks the best in red as it gives the fantastic car a blazy and a fiery look. Looking from the back, the view is absolutely thrilling; blade like extension of the back glass says it all. The wheels get a steel finish and make the car look ever better.

The shape of the rear-view mirror is extra ordinary with sharp edges giving a fiery and a dazzling look. The black glass of the windows is extended back wards giving the car a feeling that it is moving at a high speed. The turbo wheels support the mid-engine. The BMW M1 is the first mid engined car by BMW.


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