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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bicyclus Sustainable Bike Sharing System Can Provide Efficient Transportation In Future Copenhagen

The inefficiency of existing transportation system and the possible more alarming situation in the future has turned designers over the world conscious about envisioning more effective and sustainable city commuting system. Bicyclus concept is one of these great attempts specially designed for Copenhagen that incorporate a compact, lightweight and stylish bike, produced by reusing abandoned bikes of the city, along with an engaging bike sharing system. The innovative handlebar has been specially designed to play a key role in the bike sharing network and would be the only common part among the wide variety of bikes made of thousands of abandoned bikes. This arrangement will enable citizens to choose their desired kind of bikes from many, according to their needs. The system comprises modular bike stations from where aside from booking a bike, users can connect with social network and share their knowledge about the city to guide others through it. By reusing bike junks, this concept will complement the environment while educating people about sustainable behaviors.


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