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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautiful 111 square meters house

This exquisite and beautiful apartment house in Stockholm is simply breath taking. The interiors are lavish and spacious. Designing is very modern and hip. The den is made up in shades of brown with a book case adorning one wall. The balcony is also well decorated and overlooks the busy streets and snow capped houses . If you have a look at the plush kitchen and appliances, you will not be disappointed – A black kitchen slab looks exotic in an otherwise white theme.High chairs make up the furniture in the small kitchen area. The dining area is simply stunning – with a red and white stripped wallpaper with a lovely work of art adorning the main wall. Everything is color co-ordinated and very much in sync with the overall theme. The interiors are so superb. It makes this place look like a palace.

This is really a tranquil place to live, and yet, only a few steps away from it all.


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