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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aventos Vehicle Concept for Mega Cities

Today all the concepts that’s been designed has environment as one of the focal points hence new technologies are innovated keeping in mind the future sustainability like electric motors with renewable energy etc. It is this desire that keeps pushing the manufacturers and automotive designers have been researching and designing newer and better cars. The new ‘Aventos’ concept is something that’s been designed on these lines. It is a utility vehicle which has been designed for both small and medium sized businesses in the cities wherein this concept has been used for transporting goods from one destination to another across the city thus, ensuring the cleaner and more organized cities.
Desired outcome
Eliminate or dramatically reduce transportation devices contribution to carbon emission. Be able to cut down vehicle footprint and the number of vehicles operating on the road at any one time. Provide a sound and friendly module transportation system that are used by the public on a daily bases even for people without the Aventos vehicle.

Ease the finance pressure on small and medium sized businesses by providing an adaptive transportation device for their daily needs.

Assist the younger generation in adapting to the neo-nomadic lifestyle because the vehicle can assist in independent moving operations without the need of external assistance. Provide a fresh, young and eco friendly image for medium sized city commercial vehicles to the general public.


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