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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Andala 24-meter Aluminum Sailing Boat by Enrico Fontanesi

A 24-meter aluminum ketch named Andala is a low hydro-resistant sailing boat, designed by Enrico Fontanesi. Andala means “path” in the Sardinian language. This eco-friendly, rational sailing boat features 279 m^2 of sailing area. Andala adopts aluminum as the key material of construction and aims to escape from the fury of carbon fiber. The design expresses a rational concept with simplistic designs and trusted solutions. Andala features an assortment of options to the ship owner right from a big cabin at the bow to a dinette with a 360 degree external view in the middle of the boat and two guest cabins, with crew cabin, garage engine room located at stem. The exterior of this sailing boat has been designed in such a way to offer high-end safety essential for a long route together with the necessary accommodation that lets the passengers enjoy sailing over the deep blue sea.


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