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Thursday, March 24, 2011

21 Blackjack Timepiece: Casino On Your Wrist

The 21 Blackjack by Christophe Claret is a real diminutive casino with 3 games including dice, roulette and cards. It is a lavish toy for those who are still ardent of their inner child and it opens up a completely new area of appearance for fine watch making, which until now has been practically unknown: interactive watches. The 21 Blackjack matches grand ramifications with the world of gambling, in the process of making a novel watch-making paradigm. Christophe Claret has motivated informed enthusiasts into the 4th dimension.Besides transparency, relief and passage of time, he adds the receptive effects of blackjack, toothed wheel and dice. This model is an unprecedented up-market plaything for aficionados, expressing a sort of watch making, which has cast off its inhibitions. The winding rotor present behind the watch is visible via a glare-proofed sapphire crystal and serves as the roulette wheel. Till date, none has ever thought about the ideal of adapting such complex blackjack game to an automaton timepiece.

The titanium crown between the 2 side windows is crowned with a ceramic and engraved with Christophe Claret’s innovative logo. The black alligator belt is attached by a 2-screw system, prepared by Christophe Claret’s teams that avoid potential damage to the case while handling. The case is available in various versions including white gold and grade-5 black PVD titanium or grade-5 grey titanium.


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