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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Traveling in Style With JIBO Suitcase

Life is a journey. If you want to get to know about a traveling person you have to pay attention to his or her luggage. Suitcase is not just a box but a company which reflects the owner’s lifestyle and makes the journey better. What makes a suitcase different from a boring box style?

JIBO is a project in cooperation with Samsonite which is a suitcase which focuses on Storages, Mobility, and Emotion Attachment. The Inner Box can be used as a divider in the suitcase or double protector of your expensive articles. It can also be taken out and attached to the frame to expand the space. JIBO has retractable wheels and slide bars for snowy surface, soft surface and stairs. Casedress is the clothes of your JIBO, which is available in different material such as knitted fabric, leather and colors. Before the journey, choose a clothes for yourself and don’t forget chose one for JIBO to make a perfect match.


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