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Saturday, February 19, 2011

T.E.D. – Transportable Emergency Dwelling

The new housing design by U.S. based student Craig Mackiewicz is known as the Transportable Emergency Dwelling. It is simply a house built within the footprint of a shipping container and is a unique solution to low cost housing. Each container can easily accommodate two families with scope for extending the space by pulling the compartments and tents. Also each unit has basic utilities required for a normal family daily needs like kitchen, bathroom, storage space etc.The designer has also kept in mind the rain water harvesting by keeping a slant roof having a capacity to conserve 350 gallons of water; even the solar energy is conserved to provide electricity. So all in all, it’s a unique solution for tomorrow’s housing needs.
T.E.D. (Transportable Emergency Dwelling) is a product which takes advantage of two systems to solve a global problem. The world has an incredibly advanced transportation infrastructure which allows product to move from country to country with relative speed and efficiency. Emergency housing is needed globally so why not use that infrastructure to our advantage. To optimize the shipping of these housing units they must fit within the footprint of the most widely used shipping containers. Each housing unit is self sustaining in the correct conditions, meaning it can collect water and create energy through solar panels. One shipping container can house two families of 4 people comfortably. It can be expanded to fit more. Once these units are done being used, they may be shipped back to their origin for restoration and refurbishment for their next adventure.


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