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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sphere : House Design for Emergency Accommodation

This is a type of housing specially designed for emergency accommodation. These are made of fiber glass and plastic that increases the durability and helps them last for a long time. These spheres consist of nineteen tents with an open space in the middle. The inner walls are made up of fine, air-permeable materials. These tents can be occupied by three persons generally though the detachable wall may allow bigger families. The open space permits all the families to gather together that allows them to communicate with each other which becomes very essential psychologically for those who have faced and survived disaster.

Text from Felix :
People in disaster areas need more than just housing. Both physical and psychological needs are often neglected. People find themselves displaced from their familiar environment and dwellings, and they are often traumatized. In this situation, individual survival becomes a priority and can result in brutalization and societal decline. The concept behind Sphere not only considers taking shelter from extreme weather conditions but also re-establishing feelings of security and companionship without a loss of privacy. The centre of Sphere has been conceived as a social place, where the inhabitants can constitute a community – a circle.

This place offers the opportunity of regaining contact with others, cooking and simply getting together in a social way. In this way, every Sphere becomes a germ cell for a community.

Every Sphere contains nineteen tent units that can each accommodate up to three people. Partition walls can be unbuttoned in order to create larger units for families. The inner layer of the tent is made of light, breathable material. This layer is independent of the outer layer, which consists of hard-wearing canvas. The stakes are made of fibreglass and plastic, and guarantee the stability of the whole construction. The design as such is long lasting and can be recycled if required


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