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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Portable Bike Pump Design

Having a flat tire in the middle of a ride is certainly a bad thing for bike riders. The good news is that flat tires are easy to repair. One of the tools to fix flat tires is portable bike pump; you really should carry this tool for a long distance cycling. Alastair Warren, an industrial designer, did some research on existing bike pump in the market. He found out that current bike pump mechanisms give poor user experience and radical new approach is needed. He started to design a portable bike pump for New Zealand mountain bikers. The pump has slightly ergonomic oval shape for greater air capacity while at the same time maintaining a comfortable hand grip. It features four axis of flexibility, comfortable stroke, and flexible nozzle. The regular weight and size makes this pump look like any other bike pump, but it offers a completely new level of comfort and efficiency not just for professional bikers, but also for recreational bike riders.


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