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Friday, February 11, 2011

Next Generation Portable (NGP) Entertainment System From Sony

The day has finally come where Sony introduced its next-generation PlayStation Portable. Codenamed as NGP, this PSP is revolved around 5 key concepts: Innovatory User Interface, Converging real and virtual reality, social interactivity and location-based entertainment. Attuned with the PlayStation Suite, NGP is as well backwards compatible with all downloaded PSP games. Serving as a real retreat for live blogging eyes, this new next generation portable is expected to make its debut by the end of 2011. Some of its ground-breaking features include: a multi-touch 5-inch organic LED for the front display, its ability to play PSP titles, video and comics, minis from the PlayStation Store, multi-touch pad, Wi-Fi as well as 3G network connectivity, dual analog sticks, software titles over small flash memory-based cards, PlayStation Network access and tow cameras on the front and rear. Details such as the date of release, its price and more are yet to be revealed.


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