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Friday, February 18, 2011

Lunar Cubit Pyramid Transforms Sunlight Into Electrical Energy

Lunar Cubit, winner of the United Arab Emirates design competition is a site-specific proposal, which is expected to be built in Abu Dhabi. Combining artistic vision together with sustainable design, the Lunar Cubit is capable of examining the nature of time via nightly contemplation of the lunar phases plus every day transformation of sunlight into electrical energy, thereby powering up to 250 homes.

The Lunar Cubit is like an onyx polished to a mirror finish with its structures made from glass as well as amorphous silicon. It is designed with proportions that matches great pyramid at Giza and each 42 royal cubits that are nearly 22 meters high forms a circle around a central pyramid that is 50 meters high. The Lunar Cubit allows viewers to measure time via the eight lunar phases and serves as a monthly calendar. For this application, usage of amorphous silicon modules surpasses crystalline modules and is 100% environmentally safe. The Lunar Cubit has no moving parts that are vulnerable to breaking. Visitors are advocated to walk among these beacons.


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