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Monday, February 28, 2011

Lilypads : Futuristic Floating Ecopolis

Lilypad the ecotectural marvelhas been built by Vincent Callebaut and it could serve to be a luxurious future retreat for almost 50,000 inhabitants who seek refuge from rising waters due to global warming. This floating structure is an optical wonder, and it’s a dramatic display of the most modern green innovations. Callebaut has named it as the “Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees” and he hopes that the same will make the transition from design to reality by the turn of the century. His designs depicts tropical residency, in affluent paradise of Monte Carlo, Monaco. His is of the opinion that the world shall desperately seek shelter from the devastations of climatic changes, and hopes that this auto-sufficient amphibious city will be the luxurious solution.


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