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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last Resort Mobile Floating House Gives Great Opportunity To Enjoy The Nature

Last Resort is a mobile floating architecture that is successfully combined a traditional home with a mobile swimming architecture with great usability, spacious interior and modern technology. The design is inspired by the horizontal, undulated shape of the waterfront and the final outcome makes the beautiful natural landscape an extension of the living room. The concept features two levels, to facilitate the upper deck with adequate height, the technical equipments, sleeping bunks and hatches are placed in the lower deck. The floor and ceiling of each room acts as the lower and upper margin of a photo frame and the changeable height and shape of the levels changes the view and perspective of the landscape. When landed on an unmarked site, the freedom is boundless, but when landing at a moorage, privacy becomes a vital issue. To address this issue, the floating house features light protection and flexible view to gives privacy to certain rooms.
They serve as “extension rooms” of the upper deck: Beds and couches are embedded into the floor and can be opened as the need arises. The external measurements are 5m x 15m. In the front area, there is a covered terrace; there, you can find a staircase leading to the roof. Together, the kitchen and the living room form a generous open room. The bathroom consists of a core separating both bedrooms from the common room. The bedroom can be separated by sliding panels and used separately as a study. All in all, there are six beds (incl. 2 bunk beds).

Two surfaces (floor and ceiling) frame the room experience “nature”; they form the upper and lower margin of the picture. Since the height and shape of the levels can be varied, the perspective and view of the landscape keep changing. The floor, for example, bends downwards at one point and disappears into the water. At another point, the roof curves down to the floor, thus creating a “kissing moment”. At some other spot, it unfurls in order to make space for the staircase. All this generates a play on forms that, together with the swell, the wind and the water reflection results in an intense nature experience.


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