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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Innovative TITAN Hihgroller Travel Suitcase

Ever imagined a horse is riding on you? Sorry for such a weird start but to state the functionalities of TITAN Highroller, I really couldn’t think of anything else. This travel suitcase can carry you which is quite controversial than the usual scenario of people getting exhausted carrying their heavy bags. The initial look may give you an impression of a usual travel bag but when the user turn it into a kickbike by pulling out the footrest, you certainly will get amazed. The bag is made of durable and ultra-light materials to give it maximum mobility and comprises an ergonomic handle that can be helpful for the users to keep balance. Moreover, it includes a special external compartment for a laptop that allows user to take out or put it in easily. This innovative concept has been designed to become a buddy of business people who has to frequently travel by airplane, giving a comfortable and stylish alternative to reach to the next gate of the immigration process or going to the snacks shop.


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