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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hotpot BBQ : BBQ and Herg Garden in One

If gardening were your favorite leisure pursuit, then you would look for growing herbs and different varieties of plants both indoor and outdoor. You must have used an assortment of terracotta pots; however, have your heard of a pot that conceals a BBQ grill underside? It may sound silly, but it is real. Resembling exactly similar to that of terracotta pots with a BBQ grill concealed underneath. Have your BBQ and herb-garden all in one. Season your food you’re going to cook over the grill with herbs that grows on the top. It is perfect for small terrace and balconies and as well looks excellent when not in use. This model, made from stainless steel 430 includes stainless steel tongs and heat insulating ceramic coating with a cooking area of 29 cm. Serving as a two-way purpose, this collective occupies less space in your garden and is sure to hit the shelves.


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