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Monday, February 28, 2011

Futuristic Cybertecture Egg, Architecture with High-Tech Solutions

Hi-tech building from James Law Cybertecture International brings you excitement and great imagination of what will futuristic building will look like. Cybertecture Egg is the latest design of this firm, the egg-shaped high-tech building will be the iconic architecture, environmental design, intelligent systems, and an awe-inspiring landmark in the city.

Cybertecture integrates technology, multimedia, intelligent systems and user interactivity to create customizable living and working spaces that focus on experience. The Cybertecture Egg takes this principle working theme a step further with ‘cybertecture health’ – interactive features that monitor occupant’s vital health statistics, like blood pressure and weight. In keeping with the focus on health and wellness, users can customize their views with real time virtual scenery.

The oblong office building incorporates passive solar design to decrease heat gain and lower energy loads. An elevated garden also moderates temperate by using natural vegetation to assist with cooling the building envelope. The Cybertecture Egg will use solar photovoltaic panels and rooftop wind turbines to generate onsite electricity. Water conservation will be managed with a greywater recycling system that will harvest water for irrigation and landscaping.

It is also said that we can see this futuristic “Cybertecture Egg” building by the end of 2010. So, let’s wait and see…


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