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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Future Living Is Not Just A House, It’s A Complete Housing System

Observing the technological and design development, future homes will be of great aesthetics that we can easily anticipate, but do you think being just beautiful would be sufficient on the year 2050?

Future living is a futuristic house concept that has been designed not just as a house but as a complete housing system to respond to the global change on environment during mid of this century, making a place to live that is environmentally efficient and economically self-sufficient. The house is made of modular four meters square that can be organized in any arrangement and is comparatively smaller than the conventional houses we see now. However, the interior will never be insufficient for an enhanced quality life by featuring various high-tech facilities. Moreover, the walls are endowed with nanotechnology that can project outside view or a real-time scenery from the national park, giving the inhabitants a wider feel. The primary goal of making this concept self-sufficient was achieved by enabling the house to create energy from sunlight, recycling water, producing food and many more. However, it will also remain connected with the main grid to sustain during dark days or no wind situations. In order to meet the housing requirement of existing 6.7 billion people and 2.5 billions to come over the next 40 years, future living concept is expecting to be the most appropriate and efficient solution.


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