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Saturday, February 19, 2011

ForFreedom Caravan With Aerodynamic Design For Urban Couple

ForFreedom Caravan is an expanding living unit especially designed for urban couple in the need of a short break. The flowing caravan form is aimed at creating stability and fuel economy. Due to its compact size, this caravan is easy to handle and connect to your car. Take a look at the interior. It has been designed for easy personalization with modern style to easily adapt to its owner lifestyle. It might look small from the outside, but is actually pretty spacious inside.
Some detail explanation from Robert:

For efficient heating, the walls are made of sandwiched fibre glass with closed cell insulation.

  • Compact size
  • Modern furnishing
  • Choice of interior and exterior colour scheme
  • Flush fitting hob with cover
  • Internal electric heating with solar panel on the rear section to provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to standard caravans
  • 30L electric oven and grill
  • 50L water tank
  • 60L capacity fridge
  • Standard size bathroom
  • Discrete storage solutions, including large rear storage which can also be accessed from outside for convenience during transport.

At arrival this compact living unit opens up with the aid of a sliding chassis and pivot on the one side to dramatically increase the size of the living space. Through the use of an adjustable canopy a private lounge area is created with a panoramic view of the surroundings.


  • Length when connected- 7.2 metres
  • Caravan Height from floor- 2.6 metres
  • Caravan Width at widest point- 2.3 metres
  • Caravan Width at narrowest point- 2 metres
  • Interior Height- 1.9 metres
  • 2 seated car
  • Car length- 2.66 metres
  • Car width- 1.72 metres


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