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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Ecorium Project Can Foster Environment Awareness

The Eden Project by Samoo Architects, being a part of the imminent National Ecological Institute of South Korea Site, features all the optimum conditions over a giant ecosystem of 33,090 sq miles that can make it as the Ecorium Project, which comprises different interlinking wedge-shaped greenhouses that are acting as domes. This eco-design comprises various advanced technologies to create a perfect internal environment, such as the simulated shade, the metal panel finished exterior, low iron glazing, wood and Plexiglas. The main goal of the project is to combining the eco-systems of human, nature and climate to guarantee stability and safety. Moreover, this excellent concept will promote and nurture the awareness of mass people, and educate the significance of the environment through different educational programs and exhibitions. When viewing the structure from above, it would appear like a beautiful tributary river.


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