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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dentris, A Mobile Dental Treatment Cart Concept

Dental treatment has remarkably developed during the last few years but it is really a complex situation when it comes with treating a patient who is not able to come to the dentist’s chamber. Dentris is designed by Clemens Auer from Vienna, Austria which is the first mobile cart for dental treatments that deals with the special conditions such as home-care patients. With the growing number of such patients, Dentris will surely become a helping hand for mobile dentists which will allow direct bed treatment. The local environment of the bed-ridden patients site and assures the patient as well as the dentist the most possible optimized and hassle-free dental treatment at home.Clemens’ words :
DENTRIS offers new chances for people in home-care and dentistry. Society is aging, more and more bed-ridden / people are in need of care and because of the improved hygiene of last decades more and more elderly people keep their own teeth. DENTRIS helps the prevention / avoiding of expensive follow-up therapies as well as reducing costs of outgoing transport / return transport
+ ongoing services. For dentistry, DENTRIS offers the development of new fields of activity, more potential patients, the professionalization of mobile do-it-yourself equipment that dentists currently often have to deal with as the products on the market are un-sufficient and force the dentists to pimp their rides.
Dentists now can go exclusively mobile saving practice / overheads / facilities etc. But the most important actor is the patient. He/She benefits from stopping the physical decay because the health of teeth have an enormous and in public eyes often underestimated impact on the welfare and life expectancy of elderly people (formula: teeth ok >> body ok). DENTRIS helps
overriding the patient?s fear of the dentist as well as overcoming one?s inhibitions towards rentability in seniority (‘I won’t live any longer..’).


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