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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Combine Your Brix Mobile Phone for Bigger Screen View

If you are bored with latest mobile phone concepts coming in the market then check out BRIX. A personal multimedia mobile phone, if joined with a BRIX of some other person, can be viewed on a bigger screen of different dimensions and also enables you to make conversations. BRIX is designed with bricks having 1:2 rates and can be combined with several BRIXs. Apart from enjoying all the facilities that a mobile phone has, you can also view favorite games and movies with your friends or family in a garden or any other place. There is an information screen on the top of the Main screen and Remote control screen can be combined with Main screen. Hence, there are various combination available that can be adjusted as per your need.


Graphic Designer said...

NIce share. Very informative blog. Thanks.

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