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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Caravan Mobile Home with Balcony

Veranda caravan mobile home is a revolutionary new motor home designed by country coach comes with a motorized balcony. The motorized balcony can be deployed in 20 seconds flat! And that’s not all; it also has optional Barbeque and a 37 inch TV. The good thing about the motor home is the ease with which one can travel in the same and for the ones with adventure on their mind; one can fully follow their heart without leaving the comforts of their motor home. The manufacturers claim that one can fish or play catch and keep enjoying the cozy confines of your motor home. So just go ahead and have a great holiday in your caravan !


Caravan Site Northern Ireland said...

Unique caravan. I think it's cute and you have more room for some unexpected visitors every now and then.

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