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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bushbunker : Australian Bushfire Safety Bunkers

Bushfires are being considered as one of the most dangerous natural disasters and keeping the terrible Australian Black Saturday bushfires during the last February in mind a concept survival option has been developed named Bushbunker. This concept is an architecturally designed safety bunker that is able to protect you when required. This concept bunker is comprehensively designed to endure people during the severe environmental situations that a massive bushfire may produce. This bunker contains a sitting arrangement for 3 to 4 person and adequate water preservation and food storage to keep the insiders alive for few days till the fire becomes under control.

From the website:
Bushbunker represents a concept that has been designed from scratch specifically as a bushfire bunker, and comprehensively engineered to withstand the severe environmental conditions that a major bushfire produces. It has been designed for maximum survivor ability no matter the intensity or type of fire.

A series of two fire doors is used to separate the entrance/storage area from the bunkers main interior to provide a fail safe, and to create an air lock which protects against the infiltration of radiant heat through the first steel fire door. This is an extremely important design feature, as some of the most severe burns to Black Saturday fire survivors were caused by radiant heat.

To outfit the interior, the design makes use of standard off the shelf components such as steel fire doors, steel frames and sealing, bench seating, compressed air cylinders, battery powered electric lighting,storage shelving, water drums, UHF radio and EPIRB, and fire blankets and first aid. This in turn allows for flexibility in the design, and reduces costs.


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