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Monday, February 28, 2011

Aeroform : Subsidized Urban Living Module

Aeroform is conceived as a prototype which explores the dimensionality of the billboard and creates a subsidized living module that would allow people with limited means to live in a home in a major metropolitan city where in the future escalating real estate values would prohibit such home ownership. This fusion of the billboard and the house creates an opportunity for inhabitants to generate income from the billboard in turn subsidizing the exorbitant cost of living in a home in a major metropolis.

Text from the designer :
With Aeroform we wanted to examine ways to occupy residual space within the city? For example, take a common element which is pervasive in every major metropolitan area – the billboard. Now most people perceive the billboard as a simple structure used for the display of two-dimensional graphics. In their minds it is merely a flat plane. What if we start to think about the billboard in a more dimensional way? How can we occupy the space behind or around it? That why we designed Aeroform.


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