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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TREAD Allows the Riders to Record Their Complete Travel Log

TREAD is a concept device that remains mounted on the bicycle and can record the complete travel log of a rider through GPS connectivity. The main goal of the design is to ensure comprehensive safety and efficient use of thebicycle by standardizing the user aesthetics, user rituals and integrating a computer along with special software with the bike to make it analytically powerful. This device can get assisted through real time route analysis powered by Google map, infrastructure mapping of the bicycle and many other helpful stuffs and can share the travel information through various social networking sites. Moreover, the online software of TREAD can be accessed to the public as well by using “public account”.

The entire design of the device would be a revolution on today’s computer devices for bikes by featuring automatic recording and, for the first time, allowing the device to be controlled by foot. The design doesn’t contain any screen, which reduces the consumption of energy and the readings are accumulated via motion sensors that are mounted on each pedals of the bike.


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