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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rapunzel Descending Device

There are a lot of equipments, which may come to mind, when it comes to the life-saving category. However, I’m sure there would be very few, which can help people trapped on top of a tall building to come down. Rapunzel is aportable descending device that helps those trapped in a high level of a building to reach the ground safely. It can be kept in any storage box fixed to the building.

During emergencies, all the user need to do is grab the handle of Rapunzel. There is a soft strap, which helps you to fasten it to your hand and not let go, when you are descending down. Once the weight is applied on the product, it is activated and the ropestarts to uncoil. This allows the person to descend down from the high-risers safely.

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