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Friday, January 21, 2011

LifeStudio External Drive

Nowadays, storing data safely is not enough for an external drive, there are many other things like appearance, shape, size and overall automation that really matters to become a storing device more acceptable to the users. LifeStudio external drive is an extraordinary handy gadget that can automatically find and organize movies, music, photos and files into a 3D wall, enabling user to view their content easily from the computer or from online. Portability and flexibility being the key feature of the hard drive, making it an interactive storage device that enables user to carry the USB key taking out from the drive after being synchronized all the required data inside. This compact device features enough space to keep both local and online backup to ensure maximum protection for your digital library. Moreover, it allows the user to access its content online from any computer or smartphone and share with others through sending the particular link. Aside from great functionalities, this external drive can boost the visor and create a stylish look for your tabletop.

LifeStudio External Drive Can Provide Handy Features With Style


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