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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LG Eagle Phone Contains Duel Touch-Screen Display And A Look Like A Flying Eagle

Who else would like to have a flying eagle like cell phone with ultimate style and functionality? Eugene Kim has designed this great concept phone with duel screen just like that of Nintendo DS, however, those of LG Eagle Phone are superbly touch sensitive. When the phones is flipped out, it looks like an eagle with wide wings spread out open, however, appearance of the phone is equally stylish when it is folded on. These dual multi-touch screens give users unparalel gaming experience while playing various dynamic games. The outer surface also features control buttons that enables the user to operate the phone without even flipping it. The phone was designed to participate on the LG electronic design competition for US region during 2010, however, it hasn’t been selected as the finalist.

Duel Touch-Screen Display Cellphone Design


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