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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Interactive Digital Cooking Aid with USB Stick and Wi-Fi

Getting ready to impress that cute new join in office by inviting him for some home made dinner? Oops but guess you forgot something? You don’t know how to cook! Now what, how to save the embarrassment and make a good impression? Don’t worry Hannah Plevin is your guardian angel. She has designed what she calls as Interactive Digital Cooking Aid.

This is “recipe made easy” but with no referral recipe book to look from! The design consists of a wall mounted foldable device with a fully adjustable removable screen and a scale. The scale has a capacity of handling 2 kg portions. Users can download the recipe from the internet and uploads it on to the portable screen using the USB stick or Wi-Fi. The touch screen interface is used to access the stored recipes. Also one can use the meal planning functions, the interactive cooking mode with step by step visual instructions and weighing scales. Thus, it ensures healthy and measured cooking.

Of course apart from saving you the embarrassment the device also encourages healthy eating and no wastage. Not just that, it also helps you to maintain that calorie conscious diet you always wanted to follow. It is interactive, easy to use, fun and friendly and does not occupy much space. So go ahead and cook confidently!


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