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Friday, January 21, 2011

Chase 2053 Futuristic Car : 3-Wheeled Vehicle Moves On Land and Air

Many expert engineers have been trying hard for years to design a car that runs both on land and on air, believing that it could be a ‘zero pollution’ car. This long term research has led to the discovery of a vehicle named, “Chase 2053″. Powered by a high end slush hydrogen engine, this revolutionary vehicle generates electricity for land and disseminates SUH2 to jet engines, thereby allowing a safe and rapid movement in urban environment. This vehicle is expected to make its entry for the year 2053, which well reflects in its name as “Chase 2053″. Its fabric skin made of organic stretch material is just enough to finish its exterior. Its lightweight design and extreme strength makes it a preferred option. Await the entry of this super cool vehicle and be the first one to own this masterpiece.


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