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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Starry Night Light Recreates Fascinating Starry Night Sky Using Recycled Energy

I’ve always been fascinated by the stars in the sky. I can spend hours lie down and watch the stars in the sky at night. There’s something mysterious and beautiful about them. The main idea of Starry Night Light is to recreate the same fascinating starry night sky while using the energy efficiently. The exterior lampshade is constructed of a transparent light-collecting module (thank you to Mechanical and Systems Research Laboratories [MSL]/Industrial Technology Research Institute [ITRI]). It collects light energy when the main bulb lights up and converts it to electricity to charge a battery that powers the starry LED nightlight.

When this lamp is switched into nightlight mode, it uses recycled energy collected from the light to power its LED to establish an enchanting atmosphere. This product offers green technology that blends perfectly well with our everyday life.

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