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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Scale : Expandable Multi Functional Body Scale

I usually use my scale to measure my body weight, luggage, or my dog. Since my dog is a small dog, then I don’t have a problem in using the scale to weight her. But when it comes to my luggage, it’s really hard to do it, especially when the luggage is pretty big in size. This scale design is the answer to my need. It is a multi functional body scale that expands to twice of its width. This way, it can weight luggage, large pets, and other items easily and accurately. This body scale is not just expandable scale, it is also a smart scale that can recognize its users and provide you weight gain or loss information based on your previous weight. Aside from its attractive and sophisticated design, this scale is equipped with built-in wireless technology that enables you to save your weight information to your computer to monitor your weight history, set goals, or manage your health more effectively.

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