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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Peugeot Aureon Futuristic Car Features Innovative Design With Great Performance

I tried hard but couldn’t recall the name of the movie where I’ve seen an alien spaceship which resembles a lot with the body of the Peugeot Aureonconcept car but I am sure some of the readers can.

Peugeot Aureon is an innovative electric car concept featuring the excellence of ergonomic car design for future transportation. It features hubless wheel with the electric motor hidden in the back, inside the rear wheel. This two-seater runs on three wheels, giving an impression of flowing lava with its florescent red tires. When both doors are opened upward, you can easily mistake it as a giant dragonfly, waiting to jump fly anytime. In fact, this car design was inspired by the body shape of an ant. The unique and innovative lighting including headlights, taillight and sleek, shiny body have heightened the cutting edge design of the car a lot. The compact shape and lightweightcarbon fiber construction of the car have made it perfect for busy future streets. I am sure futuristic car enthusiasts can’t wait to ride this super car.

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