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Friday, December 31, 2010

Origin Is The Ultimate Food Cultivator For The Future Mankind

Growing vegetables in the backyard or in front of the house is always a common and enthusiastic hobby among a range of people. Many people find this hobby an appreciable one, and others consider this as a total waste of time and energy. But now, its time to rethink.

The most crucial problem the future civilization is going to face is the scarcity of food. Meat and fish would probably be forgotten lot before due to the global environmental disaster and fruits and vegetables are the only food alternative mankind can rely which would also become hard to be produced due to the shortage of cultivating land and the unstable weather condition. Origin, an indoor farm concept, has been designed to tackle such condition by being able to produce vegetables and fruits and lessen the massive storage requirement for those. This compact and stylish capsule resembles a lot with our existing storage water purifier which can take seeds and substrates of the user’s preference as inputs and cultivate the particular item they want.


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