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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Nature Conservancy Talamanca Cocoa by Yves Behar

This is the project from Yves Behar to conserve Talamanca Cacao, an organic cacao in Costa Rica. Unlike monoculture farming, the Bribri women of Talamanca grow their cacao plants in the natural ecosystem, surrounded within rich biodiversity, and conserve the natural and land they inhabit. Their main product is ground cacao patties, formed by hand, they are 100% cacao, no artificial taste or sugar added, this is the only thing you need to make a delicious hot cocoa drink. The main challenge here is to create a design to showcase the product from packaging and storing the cacao, brewing hot cacao, while at the same time making the entire experience and process ceremonial. FuseProject came up with a cool package design inspired by the burlap sacs, and a cool accessory tool that can be used to break down the hardened patties and brew the hot cocoa drink. The accessory tool has been designed with built-in hook to allow user to hang this tool on the rim of a mug, before and after use. Pretty cool design isn’t it?

Design By Dofft


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